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Physician Assistants of Virginia,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the President of the Virginia Academy of PAs.

It is my honor to continue the work of the incredible men and women who have done so much to advance our profession both locally and nationally. Leaders like David Falkenstein, who has been directly involved in legislation for over 25 years. Robert Coniglio, who is such an ardent supporter even after his tenure, still attends the summer conference every year. Leaders like Portia Tomlinson, who has always been ready to offer guidance and a kind word. Also, Kathy Scarbalis, who through grassroots efforts at the regional and state level has secured immeasurable changes for PA practice. She continues to work on Medicaid advances. Kathy offered me the opportunity to serve as a director at large, beginning my journey as an advocate for Virginia PAs. Lastly to Bob Glasgow, who mentored me through his time as president. Without leaders like these our program would not be as robust as it is. Our practice ability in the state of Virginia would not be as strong as it is today. We must be mindful of where we have been as we continue our journey forward. Each piece of legislation passed has provided learning opportunities. I am thankful for the incredibly strong advocacy team we have and am very proud of the work they have accomplished.

I am honored to continue our legislative efforts. In these times the PA progression continues to see changes. I consider it my duty to keep VA PAs involved in the conversation. Through advocacy programs like White Coats On Call, MSV’s Legislative Summit and AAPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Summit I will continue the mission to make VA the best place to practice medicine.

As our organization is built upon the success of its members, my goal is to continue to shape an organization where people find pride in his or her membership. I want to lead an organization whose mission is to improve the practice ability of members while listening to concerns. I implore all members to encourage their fellow PA’s in practice to join our organization. Through membership we gain strength.

Again, I look forward to my service as the President of the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants.

Amanda Collins

Updated: December 12, 2017