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Regulatory information from VAPA Legislative Committee

"Emergency Regulations" as dictated by the executive branch have been drawn up by the Board of Medicine. The changes codify the Legislative mandates from the past session making it clear that the physician does not have to be physically present for supervision; include the ability of an out of state PA to apply for a license to volunteer in the state and removes the section requiring charts to be co-signed within 72 hours. The change, however includes an addition to the protocol requirement that a PA and their Supervisor must have submitted to the Board. In the protocol, you must provide the method of the evaluation process for the PA performance and specify "the time period, proportionate to the acuity of care and practice setting, within which the supervising physician shall review the record..." The removal of the burdensome requirement for co-signing every chart within 72 hours is a good thing since these regulations have become effective.