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Good Day VAPA!

White Coats on Call was a resounding success! Over 230 PAs and students participated; we were able to contact every single Senator and Delegate in the General Assembly over the course of the day! And our lobbying paid off: Senate Bill 1062 and House Bill 1910 have each passed. Neither had any opposition. Once signed by the Governor, Physician Assistants will be included in the definition of a Mental Health Service Provider.

This just another example of how VAPA works to improve the practice environment for PAs, and thus our patients. Over the past several years, the successes of VAPA include:

  • Achieving Schedule II prescriptive authority
  • Removing counter-signature requirements
  • Removing the 4th visit rule
  • Increasing the number of PAs a physician can supervise (from two, to six)
  • Removing the requirement to list the supervising physician on non-controlled rx
  • Blocking licensure of medical school graduates who have not matched from residency as a "Assistant Physician" or "Associate Physician"
  • Achieving title protection; no one can identify themselves as a Physician Assistant without the requisite training/certification
  • Placing the approval of one's practice agreement, scope, and determination of supervision requirement at the practice level
  • and soon expected; including Physician Assistant within the definition of Mental Health Service Provider

Your VAPA Board works very hard, and relies on the expertise and time of our volunteers. There are over 3500 licensed PAs in Virginia; fewer than 300 of them are active VAPA members. Our voice is amplified through membership. Not everyone can volunteer his or her time, but I sure would like to see everyone be a member.

VAPA has an aggressive agenda planned for the upcoming years. Join now and be part of it! If your membership has expired, renew it. If your membership is current, encourage a peer to join. Membership dues go to ensuring that Virginia PAs continue to practice to the fullest extent of their license, their training, and their ability.

Robert Glasgow,

Updated: March 02, 2017